Weekly inspiration: the quality of my communication…

Weekly inspiration: the quality of my communication…

Most conflicts start with misunderstandings.
Discussions about “who’s right” have a negative impact on our relationships.


“The single biggest problem in communication
is the illusion, that it has taken place” – George Bernhard Shaw



Today I want to

  • focus on the quality of my communication,
  • aim for being heard and understood, not being “right”,
  • truly understand what you are telling me,
  • remember, that understanding doesn’t mean agreeing.



  1. What will you do today to improve your communication?
  2. What’s stopping you?
  3. What would be the smallest step you could take?
  4. Look at the image, how could it inspire and encourage you?
  5. Could you even find the courage today and try something you’ve never tried before?


Please share your thoughts and ideas.


Project “Art meets Business”,

60 quotes illustrated by professional artists, aiming to bridge the gap between the world of business and art.

The project was initiated together with Christiane Wegner-Klafszky, founder and managing director of „School of Arts & Ceramics“ (Kunstschule Kunst und Keramik) in Weinstadt, Germany.

If you would like to find out more about the project and already published quotes, visit the page Inspiration or click here to meet all artists.

Please respect the rights/intellectual property of the artist. If you are interested in using the illustration for your team / business, please contact Chris (chris@kunstundkeramik.com).


© Image: Karin Wurst via “Forum Art”,
School of Arts & Ceramics (Kunstschule Kunst und Keramik) in Weinstadt, Germany.

© Text: Jutta Nedden, Lead & Connect, 07/2017


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