“A very clear, solid, supportive coach right from the start.”

“This is developing both the business itself and me as owner & manager to a new level.”

“You have shown me the doors, and have encouraged me to have the confidence to walk through them.”


What you get if you work with me


Practical tools and strategies, tailored to your needs.

  • Increase your options.
  • Have your unique way of preparing best for difficult conversations.
  • Have difficult conversations without compromising on outcome or relationships. Know how to continue afterwards in a constructive way.

A safe place

  • Boost your courage and confidence.
  • Become more resilient, creative and flexible.
  • Discover and refine your authentic style.
  • Experiment and practise without making a situation worse.

Clarity and focus

  • You need to focus on your targets, facing difficult conversations can be like being lost in fog.
  • Get the big picture of what’s actually going on.

Systems and synergy effects

  • Concentrate on key levers that influence the whole system, saving you time, money and energy.
  • If you have courageous and skilful conversations in one area, often other areas improve as well and confrontations are less likely.

A constant reminder of having a choice

  • You always have a choice how you want to act and react in conversations. Even in a very hostile work environment, where others don’t change or engage, and you seem to hit a wall.
  • You can address your issues with integrity, no matter if the other persons involved are not interested in a solution.

Inspiration and encouragement

  • See challenging conversations as a normal part of your life, an opportunity for change and growth.
  • Increase your impact and your influence with skilful conversations.
  • Dare to take a stand against foul games, mutual blaming and shaming and a “jungle law” mentality.
  • Your attitude and your actions will create a ripple effect, creating a niche or safe “bubble” for yourself and your team.


Work with me at Lead and Connect
to change workplaces and lives

Make a difference for/with your team and your business/organisation in a world where skilful conversations have become a lost art.

If you are as passionate about conversations as I am, you’ll probably also have discovered:


Courageous and skilful workplace conversations
are about your habits, your life style and your inner drivers.
They are about your whole life,
you as a person and you as a leader –
if you have a formal leadership position or not.

They are about bridge building:
getting better results and more commitment
through a healthier and more meaningful dialogue,
leading yourself and others confidently
through tough situations,
focused on the desired outcome
whilst connecting with people’s heart and mind,
and helping them connect with one another.


Becoming a “bridge builder” doesn’t happen overnight, it means being on a journey with the commitment to lifelong learning and constantly working on yourself. This is an invitation to join me.
If you are fed up with tough conversations affecting your sleep, your health and your relationships, you can claim back your life with me.

I would love to support you, and I want to ensure that we are a good match.


How you can work with me


Free blogposts, resources and inspiration on my website

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One-to-one coaching and mentoring

Clarity Session: A quick and easy way of getting unstuck

A 60min Clarity Session is a focused “fog-lifter”, helping you concentrate on what’s really important, re-focus on the results and outcome you actually want, get a new perspective on seemingly unsolvable problems, discover the best and easiest way forward, with a solid action plan.

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Back on Track Package for burning issues

There are two options:

  • Back on track intensive, within 1 week or
  • Back on track journey, within 1 month.

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Bridge Builder Package, four months ongoing support

You don’t have a burning issue right now, but want to be prepared for the future. You would like to deal with difficult conversations as they emerge in your every-day work life, supported by a neutral expert.

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“Jutta’s work is of the highest standard and quality.”

“Her professional knowledge and personality impressed everyone she worked with.”

“She has a clear, kind and crisp style which both supported and challenged me.”

“… very reliable, committed and professional business partner with good instinct for the specific needs of our company.”


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In this free session, you’ll give me the overall picture and what your issues are. We will explore your current situation, where you want to be/the desired outcome and obstacles holding you back. I will tell you how I could help you to reach your targets / find a solution, how we would work together, how long it would take and what it would cost you.

Your time is precious. I want to make sure that you take away the most from this session, whether or not you ultimately hire me.

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