Launch of “Art meets Business”

Launch of “Art meets Business”


I am delighted to announce  the launch of
“Art meets Business”, a project in co-operation with
„Forum Art“ of Kunst und Keramik
(School of Arts and Ceramics), Weinstadt, Germany



You can expect more than 60 quotes illustrated by seven professional artists,

  • bridging the gap between the world of business and art,
  • offering you inspiration and perhaps sometimes a new perspective on workplace conversations in particular, and workplace communication, team work and leadership in general.


All art works and quotes will be displayed successively
over the next weeks and months, so stay tuned and enjoy!


About the project

The project was initiated together with Christiane Wegner-Klafszky.

Chris is founder and managing director of the „School of Arts & Ceramics“. „Forum Art“ is a regular meet-up and master-class run by Chris, offering professional artists a place to discuss and explore topics beyond usual contents of „normal“ courses, like marketing and communication, planning of exhibitions or pricing of art work.


I am absolutely chuffed about the enthusiasm and commitment of these creative minds. Initially, I sent a selection of about 60 quotes for the artists to choose from. The illustration of only 15-20 quotes was planned. They surprised and inspired me beyond measure with their work on all 60+ quotes.



If you would like to discover more, go to Inspiration or meet the artists:

Jutta Deissler, Ursula Haarscheidt, Gerlinde Kast, Adroth Rian, Verena Wolfert, Karin Wurst, and Christiane Wegner-Klafszky.




© Images: Courtesy of Christiane Wegner-Klafszky, School of Arts & Ceramics
(Kunstschule Kunst und Keramik) in Weinstadt, Germany.

© Text: Jutta Nedden, Lead & Connect, 07/2017

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