Inspiration: be a yardstick of quality

Inspiration: be a yardstick of quality

There are different standards of quality in organisations.

“Be a yardstick of quality.
Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.” – Steve Jobs



  1. What do you do to as a leader/manager to improve quality at work?
  2. The picture shows a king wearing a blue overall. He is having a proper lunch break. Which of your internalised daily habits lead to a better working style and more quality?
  3. How could you be a role model and “live and breathe” quality today?
  4. What’s stopping you?
  5. The smallest step you could take?
  6. What conversations are required to open your people’s eyes for aspects of quality, and helping with internalising them?
  7. How patient are you with people who don’t deliver quality? Should you be more or even less patient?
  8. How could the image inspire and encourage you?


Another aspect

In Britain, a person eating fast food with a knife and fork rather reminds us of the former Prime Minister David Cameron. He was caught on camera eating a hotdog with a knife and fork.  This has become a symbol of how detached leaders/politicians can be from the life of “normal” people – or at least how painfully “stage managed” they are.

  1. How detached are you from yor people’s and/or customers’ needs?
  2. How can you find out?


Please share your thoughts and ideas.


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The project was initiated together with Christiane Wegner-Klafszky, founder and managing director of „School of Arts & Ceramics“ (Kunstschule Kunst und Keramik) in Weinstadt, Germany.

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© Image: Ursula Haarscheidt via “Forum Art”,
School of Arts & Ceramics (Kunstschule Kunst und Keramik) in Weinstadt, Germany.
© Text: Jutta Nedden, Lead & Connect, 09/2017

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