If you don’t look after the chicken, who is looking after the egg?

If you don’t look after the chicken, who is looking after the egg? A friend of mine told me this lovely metaphor I wanted to share with you:  If the farmer doesn’t feed his chicken and doesn’t look after its needs, it certainly will have an impact on the egg, to the point that there may be no chick.

Think of the chicken as your energy levels, and the egg as your precious business.

If you don’t look after yourself and your energy levels, who do you expect will look after your business? Even when you have a team, you can’t expect them to lead and make the kind of decisions you would make as a business owner. Your business requires you to be in the best possible state.

Lack of energy and feeling overwhelmed has so many causes. For example, when I am overwhelmed, I am disconnected from the needs of my body, from my spiritual source, my sense of humour and creativity. However, knowing the cause often doesn’t solve the problem.

That’s why I love the idea of seeing my energy levels as a living being. Precisely because it takes you away from getting bogged down in the issues. It helps me not to beat myself up and feel guilty, because I am not “perfect” (big smile).

Isn’t it funny, it seems to be easier and more “natural” to look after a chicken than after myself. It makes you stop and think: You would look after an animal and would feel responsible, why can’t you do at least the same for yourself?


What does it actually mean, to look after your „chicken“?

How well do you monitor your energy levels? Today? In general?

A chicken needs to be fed and looked after every day. You can’t just feed it when you feel like it. You need a routine, do it regularly. It is the same with your energy levels.

What can you do on a regular basis to raise your energy levels and find a good balance?

If you already work with a team: How could they help you? What do you do to help them look after their chicken?


Here is some inspiration of what you could do,

ideas taken from a recent discussion in the Heart Of Business community of which I am a member. A warm thank you to all having contributed to this:

  1. Prioritize, getting clarity on just the next step – sometimes the first step is no step or a backward step,
  2. Getting help from others, for example having a trusted outside resource, like a friend, mentor or coach you can lean into,
  3. Letting go of the idea that there’s some set formula and being open to the process,
  4. If you have faith / a spiritual connection, trusting that it will all work out for your highest good,
  5. Remember what you are good at, which of your strengths might be useful now,
  6. Re-connect with your most important values: How much are they being fulfilled with what you are doing now? For example if creativity is really important, are you allowing yourself guilt-free time for creativity? If you are a social animal, do you still have a social life?


What you could do right now, at this precise moment

What if you start with the actual moment? Gently check in with your body, for example sense the tiredness of your body. Ask yourself:

“What is the most powerful thing I can do today, to regain energy?”

Address your problems as they arise, step by step – after you have met your basic physiological needs.

For me, on some days, it was going back to sleep…


Please leave a comment.

What has helped you to look after your “chicken” well?


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