Have the conversations you dread most

Have courageous conversations,

have them skilfully, with confidence and integrity,

in tune with your values.

Coaching and mentoring

For conscious business owners and managers


Are you

…hurt, angry, frustrated about being let down, endless discussions, ongoing confrontations, difficult people?
…concerned whether having a conversation would be really helpful,
…feeling stuck, overwhelmed and under pressure, worrying that things will escalate even more?
…endlessly procrastinating over a difficult conversation at work?
….not ready / confident / “good enough” to tackle it, wondering how to find the right words?

Or are you simply

…keen to be prepared before tough situations even arise,curious and interested in discovering helpful tools and strategies for difficult conversations?


What You Get


Clarity and focus.
Facing difficult conversations can be like being lost in a maze or lost in fog. You need the perspective of a bird’s eye view, the big picture of what’s actually going on.

A safe place and unique approach
enabling you to boost your courage and confidence, thus becoming more creative and flexible.  Discover and refine your authentic style, “experiment” and practise without making a situation worse. You can address your issues with integrity, no matter if the other persons involved don’t change or are not interested in a solution.

Tools and strategies,
tailored to your needs. Increase your options. Have your unique way of preparing best for difficult conversations, having them without compromising on outcome or relationships, and know how to continue afterwards in a constructive way.

Systems and synergy effects,
saving you time, money and energy.  Focus on key levers that influence the whole system. If you have courageous and skilful conversations in one area, usually all other areas improve as well and confrontations are less likely.

to become more flexible and creative in finding your way through tough situations. Have a different attitude: See challenging conversations as a normal part of your life and an opportunity for change and growth. Increase your impact, become more influencial. Make a difference for your team and your business/organisation in a world where skilful conversations have become more and more a “lost art”.


Just imagine, what you could do
if you courageously had
all those difficult conversations
you currently try to avoid.


Welcome, I am Jutta Nedden,

Workplace mediator, coach and expert on difficult conversations.


Over the years I have had many daunting experiences with difficult conversations myself and also countless magical moments of mutual understanding, warmth and true connection.

I have worked with leaders and teams all my working life, and with companies of all sizes in many different sectors. Before launching my business “Lead & Connect”, I worked for many years in the corporate world in leadership development and also have a background in recruitment and marketing. I have run countless courses on communication skills, conflict resolution, delegation/target setting, leadership development and team building.

More about Jutta


Both in the past and today, with my actual clients, difficult conversations always take centre stage, for example conversations on

  • inappropriate behaviour,
  • feedback and performance issues,
  • salary/promotion,
  • interviewing applicants to find out if they are really committed or
  • saying farewell to somebody with integrity.

Setting boundaries,  dealing with different communication styles, dealing with misunderstandings and confrontations, working with emotions, your own and those of others, also can be challenging and time consuming.

Getting out of your comfort zone is often hard. You will be surprised to discover how many conversations you can turn around – if you dare to have them. In most cases, there is a way of changing a tough situation for the better.

I would love to support you and hear more about you and the challenges you currently face.



There are several ways you can work with me. Please go to Services and find out more, or you can use the form in Contact and send it to me. When I receive this, I’ll be in touch to suggest a few times we could speak and we’ll schedule in a free 30 min Strategy Session on the phone. You can ask any questions you have, and we can discuss what the best support would be for you.

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What clients say

“I was coached by Jutta over an 8 month time frame and I have gained much over those months. She has a clear, kind and crisp style which both supported and challenged me. I loved the way she used her experience and expertise when necessary. Thank you, Jutta. It’s been a pleasure and very worthwhile and I heartily recommend you as a coach to others.”

Aideen Dunne, IT Company
Leadership Development Manager


“Talking with Jutta really helped, it was a lovely, non-judgemental space. I think just by the act of vocalising, I realised what changes I DID need to make, and I managed to make them without having to go against any of my values. I’m really pleased with the outcome.”

Jenny Jameson, www.webtechwonderwoman.com


“Just a big thank you! In a role where I’m surrounded by men, it’s been fantastic to have the support and advice of a senior woman. You have been an excellent sounding board and coach, helping me to find my own answers but also pushing me when I have become blocked. You have helped me understand things from a different angle. When I was going through quite a bad time personally, you have also been very supportive. I genuinely don’t know what you could have done better!”

Abigail De Leon – Major Donor Manager, www.leapconfrontingconflict.org.uk


“Jutta, thank you so much for your time, energy and commitment to moving me on to the next step with hiring. I feel you have really raised the bar of not only the type of person I should recruit but the quality process I should aim to achieve in interviewing them. It feels challenging but purposeful and meaningful, and I feel this is developing both the business itself and me as owner & manager to a new level.”

Amanda Savage, www.physiopilatesacademy.co.uk


“Jutta helped me develop a team day which not only achieved my overall objective but was also enjoyable for everyone. Jutta’s support and guidance was invaluable to the success of this event. Having discussed and planned each activity carefully and prepared thoroughly with her help, I felt confident going into it. I felt very proud and was delighted that the team felt they had learnt lots through the activities. Due to the whole process and Jutta’s coaching, my confidence in this area has improved significantly and I’m already looking forward to the challenge of finding new ideas for the next teamday!”

Catherine Strawbridge, www.willowfoundation.org.uk


“Jutta has been a very clear, solid, supportive coach right from the start. Delicate and definite in encouraging me to ask and answer questions. I have enjoyed every bit including laughter and the odd teary moment! Thank you for helping me to be patient with myself and take myself and life more lightly.”

Helen Farmer, Founder, VoiceByVolume Marketing & Events


“We consider Jutta Nedden to be a very reliable, committed and professional business partner with good instinct for the specific needs of our company. Thanks to her unbiased perspective as a consultant of our internal work processes she was able to give us invaluable advice which led to a fast resolution of problems. We would like to express our thanks for a constructive and pleasant partnership and hope to be able to call on her again.”

Ulrich Hoeschle, Managing Director FESTO Academy


“We have always been most satisfied with your professional and reliable working style. It was crucial to us, how fast and flexible you were able to adjust to our international, demanding target group of junior managers and experts. Likewise that you were well accepted both personally and professionally.”

Stefanie Setz, Ericsson Eurolab – Research and Development Human Resources


“By providing this reference, we would like to show our support for Jutta Nedden. Right from the beginning she understood the needs of our internal technical trainers, who appreciate clarity, hands-on mentality and a practical approach towards daily challenges at work above all. Her well-founded knowledge as well as her warmth and genuine style was welcomed by all participants always receiving above average marks in feedback forms. Over the years Jutta Nedden built up a good working partnership with our HR department and all apprentice instructors, based on mutual trust.”

Christian v. Helmolt, Daimler AG, Hamburg Head Of Personnel Development


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