Help for managers with de-escalating conflicts and difficult conversations at work

Just imagine,
what you could do if you successfully had
all those difficult conversations
you try to avoid or tend to mess up?
What you could do if you were
more at ease and peace with tough situations at work?

Are you

…hurt, angry, frustrated about being let down, endless discussions, ongoing confrontations, difficult people,

…concerned whether having a conversation would be really helpful,

…feeling stuck and under pressure, worrying that things will escalate even more?

…impatiently jumping right into it without preparation –  not getting the results you need, or are you

…endlessly procrastinating over it, not “ready” or “good” enough, wondering how to find the right words?


Or are you simply

…keen to be prepared before tough situations even arise, curious and interested in discovering helpful tools and strategies for difficult conversations?


There are good news


Difficult conversations are great opportunities, not catastrophes

I want to inspire and encourage you to

  • see challenging conversations as an essential part of your life, a great opportunity and pre-condition for change and growth,
  • increase your impact and your influence with skilful conversations,
  • take a stand against foul games, mutual blaming and shaming and a “jungle law” mentality.


Courageous and skilful workplace conversations are about your habits, your attitude and your inner drivers.

They are about

  • you as a person and you as a leader – if you have a formal leadership position or not,
  • training your mind and opening your heart,
  • a healthier and more meaningful dialogue,
  • more clarity and freedom of choice,
  • leading yourself and others confidently through tough situations,
  • creating a ripple effect in your team and organisation.


How? – With…

Small habits and strategies, tailored to your needs.

  • Increase your options.
  • Have your unique way of preparing best for difficult conversations.
  • Have difficult conversations without compromising on outcome or relationships. Know how to continue afterwards in a constructive way.

A safe place

  • Boost your courage and confidence.
  • Become more resilient, creative and flexible.
  • Discover and refine your authentic style.
  • Experiment and practise without making a situation worse.

Clarity and focus

  • You need to focus on your targets, facing difficult conversations can be like being lost in fog.
  • Get the big picture of what’s actually going on.

Systems and synergy effects

  • Concentrate on key levers that influence the whole system, saving you time, money and energy.
  • If you have courageous and skilful conversations in one area, often other areas improve as well and confrontations are less likely.

A constant reminder of having a choice

  • You always have a choice how you want to act and react in conversations. Even in a very hostile work environment, where others don’t change or engage, and you seem to hit a wall.
  • You can address your issues with integrity, no matter if the other persons involved are not interested in a solution.


Welcome, I am Jutta Nedden, workplace mediator and coach.


Over the years I have had many daunting experiences with difficult conversations myself and also countless magical moments of mutual understanding, warmth and true connection.

I have worked with leaders and teams all my working life, and with companies of all sizes in many different sectors. Before launching my business “Lead and Connect”, I worked for many years in the corporate world in leadership development and also have a background in recruitment and marketing. I have run countless courses on communication skills, conflict resolution, delegation/target setting, leadership development and team building.

More about Jutta


Both in the past and today, with my actual clients, difficult conversations always take centre stage, for example conversations on

  • inappropriate behaviour,
  • feedback and performance issues,
  • salary/promotion,
  • interviewing applicants to find out if they are really committed or
  • saying farewell to somebody with integrity.

Setting boundaries,  dealing with different communication styles, dealing with misunderstandings and confrontations, working with emotions, your own and those of others, also can be challenging and time consuming.

Getting out of your comfort zone is often hard. You will be surprised to discover how many conversations you can turn around – if you dare to have them and if you are patient enough and don’t get carried away. In most cases, there is a way of changing a tough situation for the better.

This is also an invitation to join me on this often bumpy journey with a commitment to lifelong learning and personal growth. Let’s make a difference in a world where courageous and skilful conversations based on heart and mind have become a lost art.

I would love to support you and hear more about you and the challenges you currently face.


There are several ways you can work with me.

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