Coaching, mentoring and mediation
for conscious entrepreneurs, leaders and managers

Master crucial conversations more successfully –
with confidence and integrity.


Are you a conscious entrepreneur, team leader and/or manager?

This is the right place for you if you are

  • about to hire, or already work with one or (many) more people or teams,
  • not just interested in profits, but also in positive relationships,
  • “on a mission” about what your business/organisation can give to the world,
  • happy to learn and experiment with conversations.

Challenging conversations are an inevitable part of your job. You know that avoiding them or rushing through them often makes things worse, weakens relationships and doesn’t produce the outcome you need for your business and your customers.

You want to be prepared, before tough situations even arise.

Or, perhaps you

  • are angry, hurt and frustrated, or
  • don’t feel ready / confident / good enough, and
  • procrastinate about a difficult conversation, wondering how to find the right words.

Or even worse: you have given up because a conflict has become so intense and you have tried so much without success that you don’t believe in a good solution anymore.

You would like to have a neutral expert’s view, offering you a fresh perspective, helping you to get unstuck. You want to have a sounding board and a space to address your issues without compromising on confidentiality or integrity, a way of “experimenting” with conversations, thinking problems through, practicing dialogues without making the situation worse.

A very warm welcome.

Here you find
a safe place where you can
discover and explore new tools,
learn helpful skills and
practice tough conversations
in a relaxed, efficient and even fun way,
in tune with your budget and your values,
meeting others on the same journey,
supporting you with feedback, tips and ideas.



Hi, I am Jutta Nedden, a coach, mediator and expert on crucial and often difficult workplace conversations. I have worked with leaders and teams all my working life, and with companies of all sizes in many different sectors. Before launching my business “Lead & Connect”, I worked for many years in the corporate world in leadership development and also have a background in recruitment and marketing.

I am based in Cambridge in the UK and also work internationally online and via phone and Skype with clients in Europe, the US and Canada. I am German and due to my husband’s job as a research scientist have lived in 3 different countries – Germany, Belgium and the UK.


Crucial conversations / challenges my clients deal with

  • Interviewing applicants to find out if they are really committed
  • conversations with new teams
  • saying farewell to somebody with integrity
  • praising and criticising in a better way
  • dealing with different communication styles, e.g. extrovert/introvert, feminine/masculine…
  • working with emotions, your own and those of others
  • integrating “difficult” people
  • conversations with virtual and/or international teams
  • setting standards / establishing systems without losing the creative spark
  • holding people accountable (delegation, goal setting)
  • more effective performance reviews, feedback loops and meetings
  • managing existing conflicts
  • increasing your own impact and presence in conversations
  • building trust and commitment through conversations
  • setting boundaries, e.g. saying “no” more often
  • developing your own, authentic style in tune with your values.

Over the years I have had many daunting experiences with difficult conversations and also countless magical moments of mutual understanding, warmth and true connection:

“I define connection as the energy that exists between people when they feel seen, heard, and valued; when they can give and receive without judgement; and when they derive sustenance and strength from the relationship.” – Brené Brown


This is what I want to have for you and your team(s).

It is like learning a new language or building up your “conversational muscles”. Getting out of your comfort zone is often hard. You will be surprised to discover how many conversations you can turn around. In most cases, there is a way of changing a tough situation for the better for you, your team, your business and your customers.

It is about having an ongoing dialogue. Relationships are like plants, they need to be watered and fed regularly.

True connection between human beings needs ongoing, meaningful and authentic dialogue, full of integrity and mutual respect.

The more you practice important and tough conversations, the more your confidence, experience and satisfaction grow, trust and commitment are built or regained. You become more flexible and effective and can even enjoy conversations you have dreaded before. This will have a huge positive impact on all your relationships, not only at work.

If we all would practice crucial conversations
as we practice tennis, yoga or piano,
the world would change dramatically to the better.

The world needs your business and your passion. You need committed people, because you want to grow your business and can’t do it all on your own. After all – apart from money and great products/services for your customers or clients – this is about relationships and how you connect with others.

“Your superlative performance in the workplace rests on relational foundations. If relationships go wrong, money can’t do much to help.” – Michael Schluter & David John Lee


I would love to support you and hear more about you and your business.


Depending on your needs, your time and your budget, there are several ways you can work with me. Please go to Services  and find out more, or you can

Book a Free Clarity Session

with no further obligation. Use the form in Contact and send it to me. When I receive this, I’ll be in touch to suggest a few times we could speak and we’ll schedule in a free 60 min clarity session on the phone. You can ask any questions you have, and we can discuss what the best support would be for you.

If you would like to stay connected, join my subscribers’ list (at the top of the page, on the right) and receive free tips on a regular basis.

Connect on social media, drop me a line and introduce yourself and your business, I would love to hear from you.

… and whatever you do, keep on practising tough conversations… 🙂


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