Coaching and mentoring
for conscious entrepreneurs
who want to build a team


Is this for you?

Are you a conscious entrepreneur with a growing micro business in need of more people? Are you about to hire, or do you already work with a team?

You are right here, if you are not just interested in profits, but also in positive relationships – and passionate about what your business can give to the world.

You want to build a team to increase
your personal freedom and independence,
the impact of your business,
and your profits.

 Perhaps you find it difficult to let go of your “baby”, and to invest so much in new people. Probably you have never “learnt” how to work with a team and feel uncomfortable, lonely and vulnerable with your changing role.

If this all resonates with you, a very warm welcome.

Here you find help to build your team in a safe, confident, efficient, even fun way, in tune with your budget and your values.



Hi, I am Jutta Nedden, a Cambridge (UK) based coach, mentor and expert on teambuilding and leadership. I have worked with teams and leaders all my working life, for over 20 years, with companies of all sizes in many different sectors.

I know it from my own experience, how daunting team building can be, when you have been a solo-preneur for quite a long time . I have also often experienced the magic of working with a great team and want the same for you.


Whatever you do, don’t let difficult circumstances stop you.

Don’t forget, what it takes to be successful. You need a committed team, because you want to grow your business and can’t do it all on your own. The world needs your business and your passion.


“The well-rounded life simply does not consist of unlimited hours at the office. We are happiest when we know we are loved. How can we use the word “love” in a business book? Because life has no joins and seams.

Your superlative performance in the workplace rests on relational foundations. If relationships go wrong, money can’t do much to help.”

Michael Schluter & David John Lee: The Relational Manager, 2009


It’s not just about profits, it is also about having good relationships in order to be successful. If you lead and connect [with love! 🙂 ], you’ll have all you need to succeed – with your business and as an individual.

…and don’t forget the reason for your journey, because this helps so much, when the going gets tough:


You want to build a team to increase
your personal freedom and independence,

the impact of your business,
and your profits.


With very warm wishes for you and your (future) team.

I would love to support you and hear more about you and your business.


Depending on your needs, your time and your budget, there are several ways you can work with me. Please go to Services and find out more, or you can

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