Hiring And Teambuilding:
Business Coaching And Mentoring For
Small Business Owners In Need Of More People

Is this for  you?

Are you an entrepreneur with a growing micro business in need of more people? Are you about to hire, and find it difficult to let go of your “baby” or do you already work with a small team?

Are you not just interested in profits, but also in positive relationships – and passionate about what your business can give to the world?

Are you actually too busy to hire somebody, let alone to train them?

Does the mere thought of handing over your passwords make you cringe?

Do you find it slightly daunting investing so much in new people – perhaps more money than you’ve ever put into your business? Are you afraid of not finding the right person and ruining your business with wrong hiring decisions?

Are there situations with your team that you don’t know how to tackle? Have you never “learnt” how to work with a team and feel uncomfortable, lonely and vulnerable with your changing role?

Perhaps you are even traumatised by negative experiences from the past?

If that resonates with you, a very warm welcome!

You can make the transition
from lone fighter into a team setting
in a safe, confident, efficient and even fun way,
in tune with your budget and your values.

Here you find

easy to follow step-by-step guidelines, “condensed knowledge” and helpful strategies on all aspects of hiring and team building,

a warm place to address your concerns and fears,

an expert, “resonant board” and “ally” to discuss your ideas, and hopefully in the near future,

a growing, supportive community of entrepreneurs with new teams.


You can start with a free strategy session

Please use the  form in Contact  and send it to me. When I receive this, I’ll be in touch to suggest a few times we could speak and we’ll schedule in a free 45 min strategy session (by telephone). You also can ask any questions you have, and we can decide what the best support for you would be.

Depending on your needs, your time and your budget,

you can also choose from
  • free tips and advice in blog posts, (coming soon: free teleclasses and case studies)
  • one off clarity coaching sessions on the phone (services)
  • ongoing monthly coaching and mentoring support on the phone (services)

Also coming soon: low cost home study kits and web based interactive group coaching programme on hiring.


With whom?

Hi, I am Jutta Nedden, a Cambridge (UK) based coach, mentor and expert on hiring and teambuilding. I have worked with teams all my working life, for over 20 years: as a team member, team leader, team coach, mediator, workshop leader and small business owner – with companies of all sizes in many different sectors.


It is really possible
to get your life back and keep up with your growing business,
not compromising on your values.

I have often experienced the magic of an amazing team and want the same for you.  Your “ideal” team members are out there, just waiting for you to take them on board. If you already work with a team: There  is a safe and warm, and at the same time cost- and time efficient way to address all the problems around team work.

Remember the reason for your journey. You need a committed team, because you want to grow your business and can’t do it all on your own. The world needs your services/products and your passion. You want to  make this planet a warmer, better place. Don’t let difficult circumstances stop you.

You will find like-minded, committed people.

You can become unstoppable with your team and make your vision a reality.


I would love to support you and hear more about you and your business. 

Please drop me a line via the Contact section, introduce yourself and book a free strategy session with no further obligation. If you would like to stay connected, join my subscriber’s list and receive free tips on a regular basis.


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